Sunday, July 31, 2016

How to Make a Healthy Cherry Sundae For Kids With Ricotta Cheese

When I was growing up, we never ate dessert. It wasn't that my parents intentionally deprived me. We simply rarely went out to eat. And when we did go out, it was typically at a Chinese or Taiwanese restaurant, where dessert is rarely served. After dinner, instead of dessert, we typically had fruit.  

Because we didn't eat many sweets in the Ko household, fruit was the star. The great thing about fruit, is it is juicy, colorful, and deliciously sweet just the way it is. Its sad to see so many dessert recipes bathe fruit in a bunch of added sugar. Doing so masks the true sweetness of fruit and alters the perception of normal sweetness.

Instead of giving your kids desserts with a ton of added sugar, try adding protein to their desserts. Protein complements fruit, lowers glycemic index, and provides contrast to make fruit taste even sweeter. Try giving your kids cheese, nuts, yogurt, or peanut butter with their fruit. For instance, try making this healthy cherry sundae with ricotta cheese. The ricotta cheese gives this dessert an interesting creamy texture, but the cherry on top is the cherry on top!


  1. Hi Dr. Chris Ko!!!
    My family loves your recipes! They have been so fun for us. My husband has your book and I will be joining him shortly on the ping pong diet!! The videos are so fun, but it would be so helpful for shopping and cooking if you also listed the ingredients in recipe form.

    1. Hi Drew! Thanks for the comment and follow. In my blog, I link the source of the original recipe to provide appropriate attribution. Just click on the link featuring the dish of the week and it will take you to ingredients and recipe. Hope that helps!


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