Sunday, July 24, 2016

How to Make Homemade Sauerkraut with Grilled Bratwurst for Kids

My brother and I used to get into insane fights. In our epic battles, we would always play the same roles. Being the younger brother, I would be the instigator. As the elder statesman, he would take it upon himself to point out any injustices to my parents. But because my parents treated us equally, any time my brother would cry foul, we would both get punished. My brother would always shriek, "why me? I didn't do anything!" He never seemed to get that his tattle telling would inevitably lead to self inflicted punishment rather than retribution.

Now that I am a parent myself, I have a more profound appreciation for what my parents went through. Recently, with the hot weather, Colin and Cailya have spent more time together indoors. Oh, did I say spending time together? I meant, fighting with one another. But the only people who seem to get punished by all their fighting is Cassie and me.

There is the occasional blissful moment when the seemingly incessant whining and yelling quiets down. Time slows, I hear the birds chirping outside, and I can actually pause for a moment of quiet reflection. And for a brief and exquisitely pleasant moment, I hear the beautiful sound of children's laughter in the background. I look over and see my two darling children actually playing together in perfect harmony. Then they start fighting again and my utopia comes crashing down.

When it comes to food, there are pairings that seem to fight with one another. On the other hand, sometimes contrasting flavors go surprisingly well together. The other day, a friend of ours gave me a fermentation kit. I took some green cabbage, placed it into the kit, and let natural fermentation work its magic. In a few days, I had made my own homemade sauerkraut, a deliciously tangy side dish that was low in glycemic index as well. I paired my sauerkraut with grilled bratwurst, and I found the flavors married very well together. I think I even heard some birds chirping their approval.

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