Saturday, July 16, 2016

How to Grill Healthy Peaches with Basil Prosciutto and Balsamic Vinegar for Kids

I  have a very vivid memory of the first time Colin tasted a peach. Cassie had given birth to Colin just seven months before, and we had decided to pack the family up and move back in with my folks in Maryland. Like all new parents, Cassie and I were enjoying giving Colin his first tastes of various foods. Sometimes he would react to new foods with disdain, and other times he would react with unabashed enthusiasm. Regardless, he reacted. 

It was the middle of summer and my mom had recently purchased a case of peaches. We opened up the case to discover some of the largest, juiciest peaches we had ever seen. The peaches were like overfilled water balloons and their skins were soft and paper thin. Up until this moment, we had spoon-fed Colin all of his food. Cassie decided to give Colin a whole peach and see what he would do. 

Immediately, he clutched the round object, opened his mouth widely, and dove head in. Once he got a taste of the sweet, sweet nectar, his eyes grew wide and he tightened his grasp further. No one was going to take his fruit away from him! He alternated between gumming, sucking, and gripping the peach until he wore that peach down to the seed. 

I will never forget the image of Colin and his first peach. Now, whenever I see a big, fat, juicy peach, I cannot help but think of Colin. I think about how hard it was learning how to take care of a baby. I think of what it meant for us to pick up and move. I think of how my parents received us with open arms, helping to take care of Colin in those formative months. I think of all these memories and it makes me smile. 

You can make new memories for your kids by trying new recipes and new flavor combinations. Recently, I came across this recipe for grilled peaches, basil, and prosciutto. Combining peaches with prosciutto not only creates an interesting flavor profile, but it naturally lowers the glycemic index as well. I topped my peaches off with balsamic vinegar pearls to lower the glycemic index even further. Also, I skipped the honey; caramelizing the peaches over the grill was enough to bring out their natural sweetness. Enjoy!


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