Sunday, April 27, 2014

How to Cook Healthy Food for Kids : How to Make Eating Fun For Kids


Lately, Colin has developed a bad habit of leaving the dinner table after only eating a few bites of his meal.   Once he goes off to play, it is tough to reel him in and get him interested in completing his meal.  Perhaps I only have myself to blame.  As a kid, I used to take off in the middle of dinner and play indoor basketball.  Maybe its genetic.

However, even when Colin does goes off to play, I have noticed that he will still eat his meal if I chase him down and spoon-feed it to him.  So, he isn't leaving the dinner table due to disinterest in eating.  He simply finds other things more interesting.  After all, he is a busy kid.  So many toys and so little time.

One way of drawing kids back to the dinner table is to make it more fun to dine than to play.  The other day, we all had a fun meal at a hibachi style grill.  Colin and Caiyla were thoroughly entertained by the deft tricks displayed by our hibachi chef.  The visual entertainment combined with seeing and smelling our food being cooked made the whole dining experience very enjoyable.   Who doesn't like dinner and a show?  Thus inspired, i decided to put on my own hibachi show for the kids:

I based my hibachi meal loosely off of the following recipe:

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