Sunday, April 13, 2014

How to Cook Healthy Food for Kids : Eggplant Dip Recipe From Your Home Vegetable Garden


After a fairly harsh winter with multiple snowstorms, I am glad to finally see that Spring has arrived.  In addition to taking the kids to the park, the arrival of spring means its time to start tending to the herb and vegetable garden.

As a child, my dad helped my grandfather plant vegetables in their home garden.  Naturally, he developed a love and respect for nature and the outdoors.  As a kid, whenever I couldn't find my dad, I would ask my mom where he was and she would respond, "He's outside".

So, when it came time for Cassie and me to try planting our own vegetable garden, she naturally pointed her finger at me and said, "Well, your family has the green thumb".

Despite some reluctance, I eventually attempted to plant my own herb and vegetable garden and I was surprised to find that it was actually pretty easy.  I even taught my niece.  I confidently explained, "All you need is water and sunlight."  To which, she promptly corrected, "And soil."  Nothing gets by kids.

There are a lot of advantages to planting your own vegetable garden.  Fresh vegetables are convenient, easily accessible, free of pesticides, and absolutely delicious.  In addition, planting your own garden with your kids is a great way for them to develop an early appreciation for vegetables and nature.

I show you how easy it is to build your own raised vegetable garden in the following movie trailer, entitled, "Vegetable Field of Dreams":

Eggplants are particularly easy to grow and great vegetables for novice home gardeners.  Try making this tasty dip out of the eggplants from your own garden!

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