Sunday, May 15, 2016

How to Make Healthy Low Carb Chicken Nachos for Kids

Sometimes I feel sorry for Colin because his primary role model of virility and masculinity is, well, me. I'm not exactly a macho, macho man. I prefer musicals to bars. I would rather talk about cuisine than about cars. And I have no interest in partaking in a pissing contest with other guys over cigars. 

Still, I'd like to think that Colin will appreciate having this male figure in his life. I'd like him to observe that the man of the house takes out the trash. I'd like him to appreciate the honest sweat that comes from mowing your own lawn. Hopefully he'll be observant when I make an effort to take care of his mom, and maybe that will translate into him taking care of his sister or significant other some day. 

So while I'm not so macho, I am the kind of male role model for Colin that I know how to be. I'm a not so macho nacho man who loves making and eating these low carb chicken nachos. And that's good enough for me. 

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