Sunday, September 6, 2015

How to Cook Steamed Chilean Sea Bass Fish in the Microwave for Kids

I recently took my dad to see the Citi Open tennis tournament, held on August 8th. In mandarin, August 8th is pronounced, "Ba ba", which also sounds like the word for "Father." Thus, the tennis tournament served as a convenient father's day gift for the old man. We ended up seeing a very entertaining match between John Isner and Steve Johnson that went the distance, with Isner taking the third set in a tie-breacker. And while the tie-breaker was enjoyable, I particularly enjoyed giving my dad a break.

My dad is the most hardworking man I know. He works tirelessly for his patients as a busy cardiologist, volunteers his little free time for various Taiwanese associations, and even helps out around the house. And while his dedication to his work and community is inspiring, it is this last service that impresses me the most.

It is almost unheard of for a Taiwanese male from my dad's generation to help out around the house. I didn't realize this while growing up, because my only perspective of male societal norms was my dad. My dad regularly helps wash dishes, tidies around the house, and takes care of the yard. No one asks him to do these things and no one thanks him. He just does them. And in doing these simple household chores, he has taught me the value of hard work, egalitarianism, and marital bliss.

However, one thing my dad has never been particularly drawn to is cooking. To give him credit, he does try when left to his own devices. Once, I saw him cook ramen in a pot. He knows how to fry up breakfast sausages. And of course, he can use the microwave. One dish that impressed my dad with the simple touch of a button was this steamed Chilean sea bass. I dedicate it to all the hardworking dads out there.

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