Sunday, September 15, 2013

How to Cook Healthy Food for Kids : Make Healthy Pizza Recipe

Nothing says love like a big pizza pie. And, if there's anything kids seem to universally love to eat, it's pizza. If only there was a way to get kids to love eating vegetables like they love eating pizza. But that's impossible. Or is it? The problem with vegetables is once kids see their green skin, they automatically reject them. To kids, vegetables mine as well be from Venus.

Rather than force kids to embrace eating green vegetables head on, you can get your kids to love eating vegetables by transforming them into something they already love to it--pizza!  Over the next few posts, I will present tips for substituting unhealthy carbs such as highly processed and refined grains with healthy carbs like vegetables and nuts.  For justification for why I classify processed grains like bread, rice, and cereal as unhealthy, see my previous post: 

In the following video, I show you a delicious way to serve vegetables to your kids in the form of a zucchini pizza.  Your kids are sure to ask for a second slice!  Vegetables may be from Venus, but pizza is universal!  

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