Sunday, June 12, 2016

How to Make the Perfect Healthy Bite For Kids : Best Meatball Ever

We took the kids to see a free concert by Rachel Platten at Tysons Corner this Friday. Rachel Platten became famous for her hit, the Fight Song. I didn't know what to expect but I figured it was worth going since it was a free concert, the weather was gorgeous, and did I mention it was a free concert?

Despite being a free concert, I was really impressed with Rachel Platten. She was ebullient and energetic on stage and she seemed genuinely happy to be there. She was an excellent stage performer and she sang with control and power. You can tell how good an artist is when you listen to them live since their pitch is exposed. She sang completely in tune and she sang completely within herself.

The most poignant part of the concert came at the end, when she shared how much The Fight Song meant to her. Up until the Fight Song, it was clear she had led the life of a struggling artist. She shared her struggles with self doubt and what she called, "the demons inside her head." Clearly very talented, the Fight Song was not just a symbolic fight, but emblematic of her own fight to succeed. Ironically, the song that was all about her own fight to succeed was also the song that ultimately brought her success.

I can relate to Rachel Platten, as I have had my own struggles. I have been on a long and seemingly endless pursuit for the perfect bite. My road has been frustrating and arduous. There have been dead ends and blind alleys. But all the while, I kept fighting, until, until, I came across this recipe for meatballs. This Asian meatball combines protein, vegetable, fat, herbs, salt, and umami all into one bite.  And not just any bite…the perfect bite.

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