Sunday, April 17, 2016

How to Sneak Greens into Healthy Gluten Free Zucchini Bread For Kids

The theater was eerily silent. You could hear a pin drop. The main character had just shared a poignant and heartbreaking story about two lovers. The story had just reached a climax. The entire audience was waiting with baited breath to hear what would happen next. What happened next was the very distinct and articulate voice of my three year old asking, "Daddy, why did she say that?" 

If I am guilty of anything when it comes to my children, it is sneaking them into museums and restaurants stating that they are younger than they actually are. I look young. And so do my children. No one ever questions me and no one seems to mind. 

However, on this particular trip to New York, I had actually snuck Cailya in to see Matilda even though she was younger than the minimum age of four. The last time we went to New York, I took Colin to see Finding Neverland. I specifically instructed him not to tell Cailya about the show. Of course, he couldn't help but tell her how much he enjoyed the show. I spent the rest of the afternoon hearing her moan, "I want to see a showwwwww!"

So I decided to take my chances and sneak Cailya in. I put her in a nice dress, did her hair up a, and even prepared a whole back story. Then I casually handed the usher four tickets and made as if all was natural. For a brief moment the usher paused. But then, after seeing that we had four tickets, he let us pass. It was that simple. Aside from a few embarrassing moments, we had a great time watching a broadway musical together. 

You can sneak in some good stuff into your kids' diet as well. Try making this gluten free coconut flour zucchini bread. My kids enjoyed munching on this throughout our trip to New York. 

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