Sunday, August 9, 2015

How to Cook a Healthy High Protein Steak and Egg Muffin Breakfast For Babies, Kids, & Toddlers

Cassie took Cailya to visit her girlfriends for a girls weekend getaway. I used to worry about being a single parent for a weekend. But then I spent an entire daddy daughter weekend with Cailya and I realized what a great opportunity it is to spend some quality time with just one of my kids. Having a kid all to yourself is less of a  burden and more of a blessing. Both parties cherish the extra attention and seem to appreciate one another more.

After dropping the girls off at the airport, Colin and I played a little tennis. Initially, Colin did not respond to my attempts to teach him tennis. I really credit Coach Canepa for making tennis fun and interesting to Colin by using games and other clever techniques. Colin and I did some foot work drills, played "hit the pyramid", and finished up with a game of "fireball".

After tennis, I took Colin to get a haircut, followed by a trip to the Arlington County fair. While there, Colin rode a speedboat ride that jerked him up and down like a cowboy bull ride. After that, I paid three dollars so that Colin could "win" a prize at a fishing game. With his confidence built up, we decided to tackle the aim the squirt gun to win a prize game. Colin held onto the gun while I aimed the water spray. We lost to an eight year old girl.

After a nice lunch of lentil, kale, and sausage soup, I forced Colin to take part in my ridiculous video of the week. This week's video plays off of the guys weekend theme and features a mean steak and egg frittata muffin that I served Colin the next morning. In order to make my frittata muffin gluten free, I combined elements of this paleo mushroom muffin with this philly cheesesteak cup.

After Sunday breakfast, Colin and I took a water taxi to National Harbor. While there, we watched the finals of the men's Citi Open, walked around the area, and finished our day with an outdoor viewing of Back to Future. Altogether, Colin and I had a great guys weekend hideaway. 

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