Friday, September 12, 2014

How to make healthy chia seed pudding for kids : A Healthy Transformation


One of the cool things about cooking is taking an ingredient and transforming it into an unexpected culinary experience.  One thing you have to be careful about, however, is avoiding unhealthy transformations.  For instance, grinding up grains into a fine flour, or blending fruit into a smoothie are examples of unhealthy transformations.

Last week, I introduced life changing crackers.  While these crackers didn't actually change my life, they were a great example of how you can change an ingredient like seeds into something more palatable to kids, like a cracker.

Another seed that you may consider incorporating into your diet is the chia seed.  Chia seeds are nutritional powerhouses.  You can read about the nutritional profile of chia seeds in my previous post:
One great way you can transform your chia seeds into an unexpectedly tasty and healthy dessert is by making chia pudding.

I show you how easy it is to make this simple and delicious dessert in the following video:

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