Sunday, August 17, 2014

How to Cook Healthy Food For Kids : Make Fish Sticks With Grain-free breading

One of the challenges with cooking healthy is figuring out healthy but tasty alternatives to unhealthy ingredients in a recipe.  For instance, because bread is high in glycemic index, I try to avoid bread and derivatives of bread like bread crumbs in my cooking.

Many American recipes call for dipping a protein in egg wash and then dredging it in wheat flour and bread crumbs.  Instead of wheat flour and bread crumbs, I have used crushed nuts or oat flour (ground rolled oats) in some of my previous posts.
Fish sticks, a favorite dish of many kids, are often made using bread crumbs and wheat flour.  You can make your kids a healthier fish stick by using almond meal and coconut instead.  Take a look at this commercial for "Ko Town Fish Sticks" and try making this easy recipe for your own kids:

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