Sunday, January 26, 2014

How to Cook Healthy Food for Kids : Make Healthy Recipe Substitutions

When I first started cooking, I made sure to precisely follow the ingredient list and directions on a recipe.  However, over the course of my journey to cook healthier, I have learned that you can substitute healthy ingredients for unhealthy ones and still end up with an enjoyable finished product.  

For instance, when it comes to fats, you can cut down on saturated fat intake by substituting Canadian bacon or lean prosciutto for bacon or using applesauce in your baked goods instead of butter.  For more on the importance of cutting out saturated fat, read my previous post:

When it comes to substituting good carbs for bad carbs, you can cut out refined grains by using rolled oats instead of breadcrumbs.  I used this technique previously in the following posts:

Sometimes you are forced to substitute one ingredient for another because one particular ingredient in a recipe is not available.  For instance, maybe a recipe calls for some freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice but you don't have any citrus fruit available.  Try using the acid from vinegar instead.  

In the following clip, I show you how you can substitute one lean protein for another and still end up with a tasty and satisfying dish:

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Here is the link to the recipe I used in the above video clip: 

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