Sunday, January 12, 2014

How to Cook Healthy Food for Kids : Salt Encrusted Bronzini Fish Recipe

When you cook for family, friends, wives, parents, and children, you are dealing with many different tastes and many different opinions.  However, there is one thing everyone can agree upon.  No one likes dry fish.  In my previous post, I extolled the nutritional virtues of fish and I demonstrated an easy way of serving up moist, tender fish by steaming a whole fish:

Unfortunately, when I have attempted baked fish, it often turns out dry and unappetizing.  Polite guests push the dry fish around their plate, but clearly they're not happy.  My wife is too nice to say anything, but I know what she is thinking.  My mom and my kids express their displeasure in less subtle ways.

Recently, I learned a technique to bake fish by burying it in whipped eggs.  The whipped eggs form a crust around the fish, keeping the fish moist and succulent.  Enjoy!

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Here is the link to the recipe used in the above clip:

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  1. ThiS Is Cooking Advice I Could Have Used Years Ago.


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