Sunday, January 3, 2016

How Charlie Brown Cooks Healthy Pan Seared Whole Branzino Fish For Kids

We recently took the kids to watch The Peanuts Movie. It was one of the first times both kids were able to sit through an entire movie in a theater. What an amazing experience! This opens up a whole world of cinematic possibilities. No longer do I need to wait for new releases to come out on Redbox.

The Peanuts Movie is a surprisingly well-crafted piece of work. Appealing to both young and old, quick-witted quips are interspersed throughout the flick, yet the overall pacing of the story is suitable for the young toddler mind. Having grown up reading comics by Charles Schultz, I particularly appreciated the authenticity of the characters, which stayed true to the original endearing strip.

Growing up, I used to get frustrated by Charlie Brown. The perpetual blockhead never seemed to learn from his mistakes, and he never seemed to get anything right. As an adult, I have a newfound appreciation for what a wonderfully complex and poignant character Charlie Brown is. This sentimental favorite is one of the few comic characters that is really spot on. Insecure, anxious, and forever struggling to find his place in life, Charlie Brown is one of the few truly relatable characters in life. Far from perfect, he reminds us all about the imperfection of our reality.

But despite his countless failures, Charlie Brown keeps on stepping up to to the plate, running towards that football, and optimistically chasing after that elusive kite. He reminds us that life is not about always getting things right, but in the rewarding struggle of trying to get things right.

Attempting a new dish, cooking for others, or starting a new diet can all be anxiety provoking events. I used to be terrified over the prospect of trying a completely new dish out on family and friends. Just as Charlie Brown struggles to get his kite off the ground, I have always struggled to get a whole fish cleanly off a pan.

I figured the best way to force myself to successfully pan sear a whole fish was to invite my family over and cook for them. Despite my initial trepidation, I got out my kite and started running. I made sure to dry off the fish well and get the cast iron skillet piping hot. Unfortunately, as I always seem to do, flipped my fish too early and some of the skin tore off. Nonetheless, I untangled my kite from the tree and went to work on the other side. This time I stayed patient and the fish turned out beautifully. In the end, my pan-seared branzino with herb-garlic marinade got the Ko family seal of approval.

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