Friday, June 26, 2015

How to Cook Healthy Food For Kids : Gummy Blueberry Snack


That dreaded day has come. You know, the day your daughter falls in love with another man. I should have seen it coming. I mean, the clues were all there. She stopped asking me to pick her up. She no longer wanted to hold my hand in public. She became increasingly distant. One day I was the only man in her life that mattered. Now, I have to put up with that other guy.

Admittedly, the other guy is pretty stiff competition. He's dark and handsome. He has an incredibly chiseled physique, with block like arms. And yet, he's also flexible and giving. Bottom line is he just makes her happy.

To top it all off, he tastes good too! I knew I would eventually lose out to another guy. I just didn't know I'd lose out to a gummy LEGO man!

Recently, Cailya has taken to playing at the kitchen table. Sometimes she gets so absorbed with playing with her Legos that she forgets to eat. So, I decided to let her eat her Legos. I picked up these fun Lucentee LEGO molds and made a healthy gummy snack out of blueberries. 

I altered the recipe a bit by using a generic gelatin brand and using two-thirds cup water with one tablespoon of lemon juice, rather than two-thirds cup of lemon juice. Not only was I able to get Cailya to eat, she had fun doing so! The only problem is now I have to fight this LEGO guy for her affections!

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