Sunday, March 8, 2015

How to Cook Healthy Food For Kids : Homemade Chipotle Burrito With Grain Free Coconut Tortilla


We recently took the kids to Chipotle, and let me tell you, they ate it up! They enjoyed the whole Chipotle experience, from tender braised beef, to whole corn, to starchy black beans. They also liked the visual journey of building their own burritos. It was a rare instance where they actually stood patiently in line.  

Other restaurants are copying the Chipotle model of having patrons build their customized meals in a line. One of my favorite restaurants is Cava Mezze. Cava is a greek inspired restaurant where you build a delicious salad based on a selection of leafy green vegetables, dips, and braised meats.

You can apply the Chipotle model to your home. Just line up the ingredients and put the kids to work! They'll enjoy seeing what goes into their food and being part of the decision-making process of building their own meal. Get creative with your ingredients and choose foods with different colors and textures. Try making your own green sauce by pureeing kale with sesame dressing and olive oil.  You an make your own homemade barbacoa and use lean stewing beef.  Have your kids accessorize their burrito with sour cream, mexican cheese mix, salsa, cuban black beans, or cilantro lime rice.  And instead of a corn or wheat based tortilla, try wrapping things up with a grain free tortilla made out of coconut flour.

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