Friday, January 30, 2015

How to Cook Healthy Food For Kids : Use Spiralizer to Make Easy Zucchini Pasta

In my last post, I extolled the advantages of Asian stir fry.  Not only is Asian stir fry quick and easy, it is very flavorful.  Why is Asian stir fry so flavorful?  Sure, the salty goodness of soy sauce and the complex spices og ginger and garlic help, but the primary reason Asian stir fry is so flavorful is surface area.

By dicing up food into tiny morsels, you increase the total surface area of the food you are cooking.  More surface area means more flavor from all those Asian spices evenly coating your food.  Surface area is also the reason why so many pasta and noodle dishes are so tasty.  Pasta is a great vehicle for delivering flavorful pasta sauce into your mouth.  Furthermore, if you slurp up your pasta, it tastes that much better because the aeration adds to the flavor, much like the practice of aerating wines does.  

On my never-ending quest to get my kids to eat more vegetables, I realized that increased surface area was the answer.  My cousin Selene thoughtfully gifted a spiralizer to us.  This handy dandy kitchen tool creates noodles out of vegetables.  Brilliant!  I recently used the spiralizer to make this spicy bacon and roasted tomato zucchini pasta.  This dish is a tasty way to get your kids to eat their vegetables!

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