Saturday, July 26, 2014

How to Cook Healthy Food For Kids : Avoid Mutated Food and Embrace Gluten-free, Grain-free Flours


The other day, Cassie and I actually saw a movie!  We didn't just see a movie, we actually saw a movie  in a real live movie theatre!  We got tickets and popcorn and actually watched the previews.  And the best part was the empty seats next to us.  Colin and Cailya were fast asleep at their grandparent's house, leaving Cassie and I to enjoy the movie in blissful silence.

We watched, X-Men Days of Future Past, a cleverly named title for a very entertaining movie.  As you  probably already know, the basic premise of any X-men movie is that people fear change.  Mutations are genetic changes that occur over time.  But while it is natural to be uncomfortable with change, sometimes change can be a good thing.

Making a conscious change to eat healthy is one of the most challenging changes you can make for yourself and your kids.  Although we have become accustomed to eating processed foods, so much of these foodstuffs are so mutated that they can hardly be considered real food anymore.  One of the unnatural ways by which food has become mutated is the refinement of grains.  Most baked goods and desserts are made out of refined flour.  Such refinement can be considered a man-made mutation which is not only a bad change, but a harmful change at that.

Instead of accepting this kind of derangement to our food, I invite you to embrace a different sort of change.  Consider using healthier flours like flours made from beans or nuts.  Because beans are made out of more resistant starches than grains, they have a lower glycemic index.  To read more about this, see my previous post:

Thus inspired to make a change, I attempted a flourless chocolate cake made out of garbanzo beans:  (Incidentally, the recipe calls for 3/4 cup sugar ,but I found that 1/2 cup sugar was more than enough.)  You won't believe how good a cake can taste made out of beans!  Check out this week's featured video, X-Meal and try making your own change for the better:


  1. This is such great information! I have been thinking about changing my kids' diet, and I think the benefits are worth it. I'm glad that this information came from a children's doctor. That makes it very reliable.


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